14 Sep 2016

Server Issues Post-Heroes of Maple (v1.61) Patch

Good day Maplers.

As we all know, MapleSEA has recently updated its game content on 7th September 2016, with its new patch dubbed Heroes of Maple (version 1.61).

Without deny, the content update did come with a plethora of issues, most notably the constant crashing of channels at various intervals as well as problems with accessing the game after installation/patching up.

We've also noticed that Channel 1 of each world is mostly facing the brunt of these crashes, and we're also aware that most of the Assistant Stores are running in that channel as well. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage players to set-up stores on another channel. However, we are unable to give our assurance that by doing so guarantees a chance for the store to successfully run for a full day as the channel crashes cannot be predicted.

We'd like to assure everyone that we are currently looking into these issues as we speak, while also working on fixes towards issues/bugs that can be resolved. We only seek your patience and understanding while we are sorting them out as best as we can.

Meanwhile, if you're facing other issues in-game please do not hesitate to submit an iBox ticket so that we will be able to try and provide you with further assistance as best as we can.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

- MapleSEA Administrator