13 Nov 2013

[UPDATE] Hackshield Disconnection Issue After Sengoku Patch

Dear Maplers,

We have been informed of the constant disconnection issue after our Sengoku Patch. We are working with developers to get this issue sorted out.

Meanwhile, we seek your patience and understanding as this issue was not present throughout our testing.

[Update as of 13th Nov 2013, 1754hrs +8 GMT] Kindly download the Hackshield File <HERE> and replace into your latest Game Client of v135.1 to resolve the Hackshield Disconnection Issue after Sengoku Patch.

Should you face any error replacing the Hackshield Folder via Auto Patch, kindly install our v135.1 Full Game Client.

Players are advised not to replace your Hackshield Folder from other sources to prevent corruption to your Game Client.

Thank you.

– MapleSEA Administrator