20 May 2022

Announcement of Upcoming Item Functionality Restrictions and Class Changes in Destiny Update

Dear Maplers,

We would like to share news of some important upcoming changes that will be reflected in the Destiny Update (v214/215).

1. Restriction of certain equipments' functionality at Level 300 and above regions

Certain equipments will have functional limitations placed on their usage at areas Level 300 and beyond. This change was decided after thorough and careful consideration, taking into account the health of future game environment and gameplay balance. Currently, there are no plans ready to share about the implementation timeline for Level 300 and above areas.

Items that will be affected in this change are as follows:
  • Breath of Divinity
  • Lucid's Earring
  • Reaper's Pendant
  • Penance Ring
  • Ignition Ring
  • Battle-roid (M) / (F)

  • Please note that stats functionality of these items can still be used, only their skill functions will be restricted on Level 300 and above contents. Even if such content and areas have their level conditions adjusted to below Level 300 in the future, these items' usage limitation will still apply.

    2. Sengoku Class Rebalancing

    Kishin Shoukan skill currently provides a unique skill functionality very similar to the restricted skills mentioned above, which increases monster spawn rate. This monster spawn rate increase function will be changed to additional EXP bonuses instead.

    There will be an event to support the continuous growth for Sengoku Classes together with other balancing changes that are being planned for Hayato and Kanna, which will take effect on the 2nd part of Destiny update (v215). We will share more details on these when these once they are confirmed and finalized.

    We look forward to your continued support for MapleStorySEA as we embark on newer adventures on the horizon!

    Check out what Destiny will unfold for us [here], and stay tuned to our official news updates on these new contents as they come along!

    - MapleSEA Administrator