09 Jun 2021

A Message from CM Astrea: Counting Down to MapleStorySEA's 16th Birthday!

Dearest Maplers,

For the second year running, we are once again finding ourselves not being able to host our annual offline event to celebrate MapleStorySEA's birthday. The ever-evolving situation surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic has again left us with no option but to forgo our offline anniversary event this year.

However, all is not lost! Just because we are unable to gather in real life and celebrate together, doesn't mean we can't do it all online!! Not only that, think about it - a virtual event will allow every single one of you to join in the celebrations! No need for ticket or hotel bookings, finding like-minded Maple buddies to come along, best of all yet, NO MORE QUEUEING to enter the event venue!

So fret not my fellow Maplers. The celebration isn't going away, we are simply moving it online with lots of goodies to be won and redeemed!

Starting from 19th June, various activities will be held over the week for everybody to participate in! Come on and get ready for a week long of festivities that we have in store for you, both in-game and on our Facebook page!

While waiting, we want you (yes, ALL of you!!!) to come and be part of our MapleStorySEA's 16th Anniversary!

Click here to find out more!

[Celebrity Cuts - 16th Anniversary Fan Video Greeting Event]

Take care and stay safe!