Welcome to MapleStorySEA's
biggest and most exciting adventure yet!

This patch update is packed with a multitude of content.
Some older contents have been rejuvenated with renewed energy,
and a new hero with amazing powers joins us!

Read on for a glimpse of what’s in store for you!


To keep the motion going, tons of content improvements and
reorganizations will be rolled out in this patch, all of them
designed with the aim of letting everyone breeze through
leveling to reach 5th Job, and ultimately the highest level of 275!

Leveling flow improved for easier progression

  • 5th Job advancement requirement quest removed for convenience
  • Lv 30 - 59 Theme Dungeon's difficulty level and benefits will be auto-adjusted according to character level

Contents reorganized for more efficiency and timesaving

  • Daily Quests for Kritias, Fallen World Tree and Haven changed to weekly
  • Added Practice Mode for Weekly Boss Contents

Equipment Enhancement Revamps

  • No degrading of items when failing Star Force enhancement of 10 and below
  • Increased success rate for 10 to 13 Star Force enhancement
  • Cost of Arcane Symbol: Road of Extinction enhancement is decreased
  • Star Force enhancement cost is adjusted to be lower

Other Revamps

  • Max level cap for Hyper Stats increased
  • New Hyper Stats will be available: ATT/M.ATT, EXP, Arcane Force
  • Maple Union system has been improved and simplified
  • A simplistic version of Victoria Island map (can you spot the difference?)

Reorganization of Singapore and Malaysia area maps

  • Finally! A revamp to the maps close to the hearts of many MapleStorySEA players.
    Many improvements and reorganizations will take place in this patch, and among them
    a new World Map is revealed!

New Theme Dungeon

Secret Forest Elludin

Come and check out the newest addition to our myriad of Theme Dungeons!

This is a special exploration area for all brave adventurers who are
between Level 30 to 59. Uncover the hidden mystery of Secret Forest
Elludin, Ellinia’s southernmost forest where no one has ventured in.

Adventure Events

Battle Horizon

Tera Burning Project

Level at triple the normal speed! Gain 2 free levels for every level
attained up to Level 200! Many benefits and gifts to enjoy along your way!

Burning World

(only available after 19/06/2019 10am)

Yes! Your favorite event-only world is coming back
again during this patch!

Make use of this chance to progress faster than any of
your peers and enjoy great benefits to help you in your training.


  • Class: Explorer - Archer
  • Primary Weapon: Ancient Bow
  • Secondary Weapon: Relic Gauge
  • Primary Stat: Dexterity
Class Balancing Adjustment

All character classes will be rebalanced in this patch! Skills are
adjusted to match each individual class’ performance and also,
consistency, as well as to emphasize certain class' characteristics.

There's plenty of content in our Adventure
patch to satisfy even the thirstiest explorer in
Maple World! Don't wait any longer, come on
and join us on the greatest adventure yet in