Join us in our birthday celebration for FREE,
happening in both Malaysia and Singapore!

Turns 17!

FREE for all to attend, so come on down and soak in the festive energy of 17th Anniversary - Glittering Aspirations!

Or, if you wish, unlock the full experience of our 17th Anniversary - Glittering Aspirations by RSVP-ing for either of the events and enjoy specially curated activities.





RSVP Rewards

Receive the Aspirer's Diary - take part in Bingo, complete daily quests, and take up the Aspirer's Challenge to receive rewards befitting of a Glittering Aspirer! Rewards for the Aspirer's Diary can only be obtained for players who have RSVP'ed; they include several commemorative items and exclusive in-game items!
Limited Quantities Available!
Glitter's Pack
Commemorative in-game medal & Enamel Pin
3x Carnival tickets
Aspirer's Diary
Aspirer's Pack
Commemorative in-game medal & Enamel Pin
10x Carnival tickets
Aspirer's Diary
Mushmom in a Pot Chair
Baby Seal Snapback & Baby Seal Overall Cash Decorative


Event Games

Tons of exciting games on our event grounds.
Check out how to participate and play.

Eagle Hunt
Carnival Game
1x Carnival ticket per game (3 throws)
Frito needs your help! Casted your sharp eyes and speed infusion? Get your game on and triple throw to victory!

Hunting different eagles gives you different points!
Bald Eagle: 1 points
Brown Eagle: 3 points
White/Brown Eagle: 5 points
Golden Eagle: 10 points

Take aim and get three throws per attempt, and your points will be totalled up for rewards!
Glowing Pouch: 4 points
Sparkling Pouch: 10 points
Shining Pouch: 20 points
Glittering Pouch: 30 points

*Rewards obtained from Eagle Hunt can be redeemed with a valid MapleStorySEA account
UFO Catcher
Carnival Game
1x Carnival ticket per game (2 attempts)
‍Bread 'n butter for any carnival! Sharpen your kiap kiap skills and get ready to grab some sweet rewards
*Several rewards obtained from UFO Catcher can be redeemed with a valid MapleStorySEA account
*You may obtain rewards aside from in-game items from the UFO Catcher!
Stage Game
Join one, join all! Pick up your phones and join our kahoot session!

Think you know MapleSEA best? Pit your knowledge against everyone else and see if you can stand the top of the leaderboard! Speed and accuracy both matter, so cast that haste, grab a meditate, prep that flash jump, and rope connect up to the right platform! Or maybe you're one of those that rely on blink game to win all that loot and you can just tikam your way through and win too hey maybe amirite who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The kahoot stage event takes place randomly, and everyone at the event can participate! Stand on top of the leaderboard to win special merchandise!
Stage Game
Join us at bingo! The bingo event will happen on stage randomly, listen out for the emcee to announce bingo sessions to join!

When bingo starts, simply keep an eye out on the screen for the monsters to mark off your bingo sheet at the back of your Aspirer's Diary (obtained via RSVP). Get 5 in a row and win a prize! Be sure to shout BINGO out loud so the emcee can hear you~

Do take note that your bingo card can be utilized for multiple bingo sessions, so take care to not mark over the words. You may receive a reward as long as you are one of the first few winners for the specific bingo session that forms a line with 5 square tiles from the monsters announced!

The bingo stage event takes place randomly, and everyone at the event with the Aspirer's Diary can participate! Receive special merchandise as long as you are one of the first few winners for the specific bingo session that forms a line with 5 square tiles from the monsters announced!
Hidden Catch
Stage Game
I spy with my little eye, the seventeenth lie! Pinpoint the difference and Mark it off! Put your Sharp Eyes to the test, come on up, and fight to the finish! Be the fastest to spot all the differences and win special merchandise!

The Hidden Catch stage event takes place randomly, and two individuals or groups will be randomly selected to participate. Not to fret, if you've given it a shot but didn't win, we have something for you too <3
Cube Assembly
Stage Game
A cube has six sides, or nine? Assemble the shattered cube (does not belong to Kinesis) and restore it to its former glory in a race against time (or just a race against the other competitor) and win special merchandise!

Glittering Loot,
Desirable Aspirations

What's an event without a good ol' lucky draw?
Every S$50/RM150 spent at our 17th Glittery Fantasale entitles you to ONE lucky draw chance, where you can walk away with attractive merchandise, computer peripherals, and the highly coveted
Breath of Divinity ring!
Note: Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Auction Currency

Not to keen on leaving things up to chance?
Every S$10/RM30 spent at the event (inclusive of Carnival ticket sales) provides a special event-only currency, Auction Currency, that you can use to participate in an Auction every night. Outbid and outshine fellow bidders and bring back home the sweet loot of merchandise and other physical prizes!
Note: Auction Currency has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash. Auction Currency can also be obtained from participating in Carnival games and as bonuses in stage activities.